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MICROCUB announces the SERIES 5351 which includes the feature standard in the top class controllers and much more …

Feature Highlights

  • Feature highlights
  • 1/4 DIN size package.
  • Universal Input for Model 5351. For model 751-P,input should be specified before ordering.
  • Single or dual control loops.
  • Optional RS232 or RS485 communication ports.
  • User programmable Set point profiles: up to 10 programs of 16 segments each & 1event relay.
  • One optional analog output.
  • Alarm / control capabilities with more I/Os.
  • Addressable serial interface to communicate. with higher-ranking system.
  • Optional printer interface for data storage.
  • Choice of control algorithms.

Technical Specifications
Power : 230VAC, 50Hz

Input : 2 wire or 3 wire RTD or Thermocouple or process inputs like 4-20mA, 0-5VDC.

No. of Inputs : single, double (optional).

Digital Input : Two; 24VDC, sink type available with model 5351.

Output : Two optically isolated relays of rating 230VAC@0.5A resistive load.with model
751-P and four optically isolated relays of rating 230VAC@0.5A resistive load with model 5351.

Analog output : Dual; 1st is 4-20mA current type or 0-5 VDC voltage type and the Second
 is optional and can be used for retransmission.

Digital Output : Auto/Manual, settable through front key pad.

Accuracy :                       +/- 0.01% full scale.
Set point resolution :    0.1/1 count.
Input sampling :            1 i/p 0.25sec, 2 i/p 0.5 sec.
Control Loops :              2; PID and On/Off.
Dimensions :                  96 x 96 mm



Choice of control algorithms.

Choice of control algorithms.

























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